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"Many hands make light work"

Our farm officially moved from an idea to reality with the overwhelming support we received from our crowdfunding campaign for the forest garden in Spring of 2014. After raising 114% of our funding goal, it became clear to us that our community of friends, family and community believed in us and our mission. From the very beginning, we have considered ourselves stewards of a community focused farm. Not owners. Not “bosses” per se, and certainly not CEO’s. Stewardship is the best word we know of to describe how we wish to be in collaborative relationship to the farm organism and the larger community. We carry this same ethic in working with volunteers, employees and other contributors. We will provide safe, informative, dynamic and engaging working conditions. Just as many stones build a house, so too will your voice be heard, and your contributions be invaluable to our mission.


This is the work environment we offer.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please note that we have several volunteer days throughout the year when having a group will be of most benefit. You can find these opportunities listed in the "Events" section of this site. Many of our workshops could benefit from having volunteers for set up and tear down as well. If you have something else in mind, please contact us and pitch your idea! We would love to hear it…

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