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Permaculture Design Services

Whether you are in an urban area in a small apartment or working with a large, rural property, Permaculture design offers a unique set of tools and solutions to increase your positive ecological impact and resiliency portfolio, while decreasing your dependence on outside inputs. In short, Permaculture empowers us to prepare for the worst case scenarios while simultaneously creating the best case scenario. We come to the table with years of experience as professional designers and collaborators on a range of projects. We are available for both residential and commercial hire. Our service are as such:

  • Consultation Services: if you’re the DIY type and/or already have a PDC, or have a general knack for designing, and would like our assistance at any stage in the process, we offer our consultation services. From something as simple as going over a finalized design and ensuring there are no “red flags,” to walking through the design process from the soil up, our consultation services are available for 50 USD/hour and include communications through phone, email, skype and so on.

  • Walk About: Walking a piece of property is by far one of the the best gauges for exploring the potentialities of a landscape, and the more time we can spend directly in observation, the more information we can accurately ascertain concerning the ecological happenings, as well as the elemental, human and animal influences that shape the land. Consider having us come and visit with you and offer our insight for a rate of 300 USD/day, and an additional fifty cents per mile of travel.

  • Design Services: Utilizing as much input as possible, we will create an action plan, and a professional, site-specific design that is geographically triangulated from satellite for the utmost accuracy. Included will be a thorough write up of pertinent planning details and useful data points. We are also a vertically integrated business and can physically install your design for you as needed. Please contact us for a free estimate!

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