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Erik and Olivia met at a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Solid Ground Farm outside of Athens in the early spring of 2014. As it is for many others, the PDC was a catalyst, a turning point which empowers one to move forward with an improved sense of ecologically related thinking, all with a strong foundation in ethics (check out our PDC here). It was also at this PDC that Erik and Olivia began dreaming big together…

Erik and Olivia were introduced to the little piece of family land that would become Fern Hollow Farm in June of 2014. What was an Alfalfa (medicago sativa) field lain fallow for seven years, would soon have bigger ambitions. After walking the meadow and feeling the magic of place, Olivia and Erik began the work of designing. Shortly thereafter, they set off across the US, staying at various permaculture oriented farms; with herbalists, seed savers and more, looking for inspiration and learning everything they could along the way. One seed saver, the awe-inspiring Sylvia Davatz of Solstice Seeds in Vermont, gifted them the two wild Kazak apple trees that are on either side of the entrance, and are featured in the logo as well.

Begun officially in 2015, Fern Hollow Farm is an ever-evolving, community-based entity inspired by three simple ethics:

                                             Earth Care     *    People Care     *      Fair Share

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