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Part-time Apprenticeships

We have so many exciting projects in store for this year and we need all the people-power we can get! We're looking for two seasonal apprentices who would like to learn more about Permaculture farming and have 10-15 hours a week they can spare, ideally beginning in April and continuing on through September/October. 

Potential Projects/Activities include:

Expanding medicinal herb garden, Processing medicinal herbs into value-added products, Developing the forest garden, Tending to the annual garden, Preparing produce and flower orders, Creation of a forest-classroom, Native-Plant Nursery Development, Mobile food truck renovation, Super Adobe Eco-Dome Building, etc.


We're happy to hear from you if there's something specific you'd like to learn or take leadership on in your time here!

Valuing people and their time is very important to us. From the start, we have made a commitment towards creating an environment where people would want to return again and again, year after year; an environment where there is a strong emphasis placed on being valued and respected, and where an exchange of energy and time should feel fair and meaningful.

As such, we brainstormed a list of what we could trade for your time, and we're open to other suggestions as well.

Here's what we have on the table so far:

  • Nutritious and fresh produce. We grow most annual veggies/herbs you can think of, and are also in store for a first harvest 
    of perennials this year, such as asparagus, strawberries, and possibly the fruit orchard (apples, plums, etc). Plus free-range eggs and medicinal herbs/products. Based on season and availability, we will coordinate something fair with you. 


  • Free entry to all of our workshops & events - including the Eco-Dome Natural Building Course (Value of $200). See full event schedule on the "Events" page of our website.

  • Free yoga classes. In the Spring, Olivia will begin to offer at least two classes a week on our yoga deck or in town Somerset. Check the schedule on the Yoga page of our website to see class descriptions and availability (Each class will be 75 minutes and $10 value).

  • Free (2 night) AirBnB stay in our Yurt or Eco dome for you and a guest of your choosing.

Having prior experience is great, but not necessarily required. More importantly, we will be looking for applicants who are passionate about this kind of work and lifestyle; who are excited to learn (and maybe to teach others at some point), and are committed to core values of being in good relationship with one another, such as solid communication skills, openness, honesty and humility. 

We will do our best to offer the same! Please write to us at for questions and interest.

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