“Though the problems of the world seem increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” 

- Bill Mollison, co-founder of Permaculture 




For more information about the course and for registration please visit Midwest Permaculture at the following link:https://midwestpermaculture.com/pdc-at-fern-hollow-farm/

The Permaculture movement has become a global phenomenon over the last 3 decades and is a catalyst that’s inspired countless individuals towards positive life changes. There is something truly universal about the core ethics of Permaculture. The prime directive of Permaculture is to take responsibility for our lives and the lives of our children. In our time working with youth, we are reminded that the three central ethics are self-evident guidelines for informing human behavior in all that we do:


Earth Care *  People Care *  Fair Share 


At Fern Hollow Farm, our own journey has drawn heavily from the varied teachings of Permaculture. From the design and management of our forest garden and earthworks, our various endeavors involving community outreach and events, to the way we manage interpersonal relationships – all of these things and more can be intentionally designed from a Permaculture lens. Our years of experience involved in this work, and our own natural inclinations logically drew us towards the realm of teaching. After more than 15 courses under our belt, we are excited to announce our first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Fern Hollow Farm, sponsored by Midwest Permaculture and instructed by teaching team: Sharon Bagatelle, Erik & Olive Peterson.

Join us at Fern Hollow Farm for an in-depth exploration of the Permaculture curriculum, from Bill Mollison and David Holmgren’s foundational work, to the pioneering work of various modern Permaculturalists who are applying this revolutionary body to the social sphere. We will dive into earthworks, natural building, animal husbandry, food forests, gardening practices, and much more, with plenty of hands on experience, all while at our living, off-grid demonstration site and home. We will also take field trips and have guest presenters on a range of topics, to see other applications of Permaculture in action, and to welcome a diversity of perspectives and skill sets. 


All graduating participants will receive an internationally recognized course certificate upon completion of the 72 hour curriculum. Though there will be a certain amount of focus on our temperate bio-region, every participant will also leave with a deeper understanding of the necessary tools to design and implement a multi-functional Permaculture system in any climate. All meals are “farm to table” from our farm and a variety of other regional farms, and we are happy to accommodate your dietary preferences.